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What does Joe Biden's win for Brexit Britain and Europe mean?
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Fear of breakage and emotions These words accurately describe the US presidential election. But should they dictate the reaction of European media experts and politicians to the results?Will Joe Biden be good or bad for Brexit Britain? Could Washington now side with France and Germany? Could the UK be "punished" for Boris Johnson's friendly relationship with Donald Trump?These questions have swirled across UK media and social media. It's a black and white question, suggesting a black and white answer.And we may have forgotten this after Donald Trump was in the White House for four years and after the UK Brexit vote. But mainstream politics is often about shades of gray.

Not extreme

It is common to work with former adversaries or opposition associates in the political world.Kamala Harris recently ran against Biden to run for president of the Democratic Party. She is now his famous vice president elected.Yes, the Prime Minister appears to go to President Trump's court, and yes, Biden speaks against Brexit.But Mr. Johnson and the President-elect of the United States share a number of common priorities: combating climate change. Desires of the UN-backed Iran nuclear deal or similarly successful. And for Nato to bolster Okay, Mr. Johnson has never met Mr Biden and he has never met Mr Biden.Maybe we need to sit and sip tea or whiskey in hand and take a deep breath.

Mr Biden - with his strong reputation as a cross-deal maker - is a universal practitioner who is likely to go on. (Albeit much quieter) the mantra of his ancestors to make America the firstMourning his domestic trays doesn't mean that a trade deal with the UK or the repair of ties with the EU will be the top priority.When he turns his attention to these issues, he is unlikely to try to punish Britain for Brexit or for the good government's relationship with Donald Trump.


A lot to do with not cutting the wings of your nose to hurt your face.slotxo Personal interests also contradict some beliefs in Britain - the reason the EU has not imposed sanctions on Britain in post-Brexit trade talks.The EU has benefited economically from a good trade deal with the UK that is financially stable and robust.The trade agreement between the UK - the United States.The United States attaches great importance to UK relations, both in terms of security and geopolitics.Both Brussels and the White House, Biden want to work with the UK on a world stage such as preserving China and Russia in investigating and fighting climate change.As we have heard from Biden's allies, the new president will not keep Brexit Britain "at the bottom of the queue" of trade talks, as President Barack Obama had warned.

The truth is, as Mr. Johnson himself admitted, making a trade deal with the United States difficult. Americans push the bargain hard That is why there is no "big" deal in sight, although President Trump is a cheerleader of the idea.It is now thought that it is possible for the United States and the United Kingdom to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which is now a free trade agreement between Canada and 10 other Asia-Pacific countries.For the idea that Biden's management will focus primarily on Paris and Berlin, rather than London, as the UK can no longer serve as a useful bridge between the US and the EU, those close. With the president elected saying he wants It takes care of all those relationships - and those who are directly with Brussels. It's not more than anything else.

NATO supporter

There is a common sigh of relief in the EU that this Trump era is slowly approaching. His management is not a fan of the group.Even loud President Trump supporters like Hungary's Victor Orban look content. Hungarians are proud that Mr Biden chose beautiful Lake Balaton for his 1977 honeymoon.Meanwhile, the Baltic states are delighted that Biden is a strong supporter of Nato. Russia's European neighbors are uncomfortable with President Trump's unpredictable stance on both the transatlantic security alliance and Russian President Vladimir Putin.And, of course, Ireland is proud to call its elected president. When Nick Bryant, my US-based colleague called Joe Biden to comment to the BBC about an apparent victory in the election, he replied with a grin - "I'm Irish. ! 

As he said this also affects ties after Brexit, Mr Biden stands up with other U.S. lawmakers who are concerned about the negative impact of the Good Friday deal.The government insists that the EU is the greatest threat to the peace process and fully respects the Good Friday deal, Foreign Minister Dominica Raab reiterated this assertion on Sunday.But Biden was openly opposed to a provision in the government's internal marketing bill that could overrule Northern Ireland's Brexit provisions agreed with the European Union last year. Back in September, he said peace on Ireland must not be "Become a Brexit Fatalist"According to the government, the conflict in the law is the UK's safeguarding internal trade safety network. But this has also been heated up by some in the conservatives.

The House of Lords is expected to vote removing the clause on Monday, then Downing Street will have to decide whether to reenter it and risk real tensions with Mr Biden when the bill returns to the House of Commons early next month.From a Brussels point of view, if such a requirement reappear, the European Parliament has threatened to veto the EU-UK trade deal, although it is agreed in the coming weeks.

[Image: 602x338_cmsv2_aacc8ab9-070f-5491-9d8b-a1...105368.jpg]

Uncertainty in Paris and Berlin

Interestingly, France and Germany do not see conventional navigation with the Biden administration in the future.He has had many contacts in Europe since Barack Obama's tenure as vice president. The EU leader welcomes his multilateral idea. They admire their calm and colleague demeanor. They are not used to Donald Trump's outburst of anger and his unpredictability.That said, they weren't sure about Joe Biden's clear intentions, foreign policy was not much considered during the presidential campaign.Under President Trump, Germany is often in fire. He is obsessed with Berlin's trade surplus and opposes German military spending. He threatened to impose punitive taxes on the German automaker.

Will you Biden change all?

France's economy minister last week commented that the US is not "Friendly trade alliance for years" and European military spending have also been a problem with previous US President Donald Trump.A survey by Pew Research Group in September suggested only 26% of Germans and 31% of Frenchers viewed the US as favorable.Another Pew poll found that just 2% of Germans asked if their country had a good relationship with the United States.Like the UK, Berlin and Paris now understand climate change as a dead end certification topic that will be in close collaboration with Team Biden, promising another global participation in the Paris Climate Accord. Times will be of the utmost importance when he goes to the White House.

Emmanuel Macron and several other EU figures argue that Donald Trump is a lesson for Europe. In the future, they say the continent should rely less on Washington, both economically in terms of environment and security.President Macron wants the EU to build its own defense force to work with Nato.But the project was fraught with political and pragmatic problems. And while there is a real desire in Europe to be more self-reliant, you'll want to try to find EU leaders who don't admit they are happier when they know they can trust the president. Reliable American cod.

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