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What is expected of you! - westernhester - 12-05-2014

Deep-strike are the ranks that are neither worried or concerned about ranks, but still have a reputation to uphold and orders to follow.

What is Expected of you!

If there is a call to arms, be it in a Raid/invade/Emitter invade, you must send at least 200k Offence to the Warrior elite at arms.
In addition, for defending in a Wall of Defence (See Wall of Defence thread) or other acts of defence in Emitters - You must have 100k defence in al level 5 emitter and have an additional 50k defence ready to send to the call to arms for a WoD!

Failure to adhere to calls to arms, when required, will result in you being de-ranked to Recruit status. If you have been de-ranked from a higher rank, to Recruit, you will have 7 days (1 Week) to act and show your allegiance to the league and worth, thus being up-ranked, otherwise you will be banished from the league and open to Raids and invades; and lets be honest, no one wants that!